We strive to provide you with high quality services at fair and competitive prices. Below is a list of commonly done alterations and pricing for your guidance, however pricing will vary depending on the complexity of the work required. As part of our commitment we will always discuss with you in advance if your clothing may require extensive work to carry out an alteration.

Please feel free to come into the store for a review and a full quote.


Shorten Hems

Regular Jean/Pant Hem (1/2 “) or Narrow Jean Hem starting at CAD 15.00

Euro” Hems   CAD 25.00

Shorts starting at CAD 16.00

Lengthen pants (false hem w/ Bias Tape) starting at 20.00

Stretch hem (Yoga pants: LuluLemon, Lotus wear, etc) starting at CAD 16.00

Taking-in/ Letting-out pants (No topstitch)

Waist band and seat starting at CAD 30.00


Jeans starting at CAD 18.00

T-SHIRT Hem double top/cover stitch starting at CAD 18.00

T-SHIRT Shorten Sleeves starting at CAD 16.00

T-SHIRT Take-in sides starting at CAD 14.00

Re-sizing Suit starting at CAD 100.00

Replace zippers on dresses CAD 40.00

Take in sides dresses CAD 35.00   and above

Shorten Straps dresses CAD 18.00  and above

Shorten dresses per layer CAD 30.00  and above

Shorten Sleeves Jackets/Suits  CAD 55.00 and above




Shorten Curtains  starting at CAD 20.00

Jackets Replace Zippers starting at CAD 55.00

Down Jackets Replace Zippers starting at CAD 65.00